Creative Direction Case Study

¨Yeah, It's Worth It.¨

How a Smile Changes Lives

Product Overview

Our team collaborated with Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists to elevate their marketing strategy. AOS has developed a legacy of over four decades as a leader in orthodontic excellence. From cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies to a warm, family-friendly environment, AOS is dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic care.

Their challenge lies in the nature of orthodontics—a transformative process that concludes once the desired results are achieved. For Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists, the ongoing need to attract new patients requires continuous representation of their innovative approaches, technologically advanced facilities, and unwavering commitment to patient care. This necessitates engaging and dynamic content that resonates with the public and communicates the practice’s unique strengths.

Our video project aimed to vividly tell the story of Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists—how a beautiful smile extends beyond orthodontic transformations. A radiant smile becomes an essential element in life’s various moments, enhancing confidence, openness, and meaningful connections. Our goal was not just to showcase AOS’s technical excellence but to narrate the life-changing impact of a beautiful smile.

Team: Nathan French, Julian Gomez, Julio Zuluaga, Travis Wood, Ana Lopez, and Erik Dudziak

Role: Creative Director / Production Coordinator

Tools: Zoom, Kollaborate, Monday, G-Suite, Backstage, Voices


Commercial Video

Social Media Content

Closely Monitored Ad Campaigns

The Process

Our process began by presenting diverse concepts to the stakeholders of AOS to better understand their vision. The video concept that resonated with their team explored how a beautiful smile fosters confidence, empowering individuals in various aspects of life, from pursuing career opportunities to navigating relationships.

The main challenge in creating the story of this video project centered around casting three female actors who resembled each other closely as different periods in their life. The overall concept focused on illustrating how a beautiful smile influences various aspects of life, contributing to confidence and empowering individuals to navigate significant life moments—from pursuing new job opportunities to finding love.

During the shoot planning phase, I took part in collaborative virtual meetings with AOS leadership, gaining insights into their vision and strengths. As the Creative Director, I contributed to the creative process of developing concepts aligned with AOS’s brand identity and worked with our creative team to dial in the storyline and scene selections. I then planned pre-production details, including hiring actors, booking locations, schedules, and budget considerations. Throughout the production phase, my responsibilities included working with the actors to develop their personas, setting up scenes, and working with the videographer to ensure that we recorded all needed footage for the storyline. In post-production, I led iterative feedback sessions to finalize videos that met the expectations of the AOS team.


Next Steps

As we transitioned into the next phase, our focus remained on leveraging the finalized videos to drive strategic promotional campaigns. The campaign management team took the reins, implementing targeted advertising strategies to maximize reach and engagement. Simultaneously, ongoing collaboration with AOS will continue, maintaining an open line of communication for any necessary adjustments or insights.


What I learned —

The experience gained from this project serves as a valuable learning opportunity. This iterative process ensures a dynamic and adaptive approach. Each shoot becomes a little more fluid with an elevated element of creativity. Managing dynamic teams and multiple tasks has become easier with each project, contributing to a smoother workflow. The learning process, though challenging, has allowed me to find better actors, enhance my team management skills, and refine overall processes.

filming the new baby scene

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