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My Story

A Journey into the World of UX

I believe in the power of collaboration and meaningful relationships to create exceptional experiences.

I am a User Experience Designer and Project Manager driven by a curiosity for users’ stories and solving complex problems. I value crafting user journeys that go beyond being user-centric to embody thoughtfulness, empathy, and accessibility. I believe there is a power in collaboration and providing constructive feedback to inspire my team.

My interest in research methodologies began during my studies in Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. Grounded in a degree centered around human experiences, this background provided a unique lens to understand and study human movement and behavior. 

With over a decade in the hospitality industry, I believe UX is the hospitality of design. It’s an approach of understanding, empathy, and objectivity to identifying and meeting a guests´ needs.

Beyond work, I’m an avid explorer, always eager to try new food, visit new places, and make meaningful connections. I spend my free time running, hiking, and doing anything to enjoy the outdoors.