Project Managment Case Study

Aspen Life

The Go-To Platform for All Things Aspen

Product Overview is a comprehensive online platform serving the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley community. It functions as a one-stop destination, providing users with information on local businesses, vacation rentals, activities, events, and the overall pulse of the community. The website addresses the challenge of scattered online resources by consolidating valuable information and helping users find the best services, entertainment options, and professionals in the area. caters to both consumers and businesses, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless connections. The platform arose from a desire to enhance the local experience by simplifying information access and advertising opportunities in the Aspen community.

Team: Ian Hodge, Dave Gopal, Dmitry Gritskevich, Maxim Makarenko

Role: Creative Director / Project Manager

Tools: Zoom, Figma, Jira, G-Suite

The Problem emerged from the recognition of several challenges within the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley community. The existing online landscape lacked a centralized hub for individuals seeking information on local businesses, vacation rentals, activities, and events. This scattered digital presence made it cumbersome for users to navigate and discover the diverse offerings in the region. Additionally, local businesses faced difficulties in reaching their target audience efficiently, given the fragmented nature of available advertising platforms. The absence of a unified, user-friendly platform created frustration among both consumers and businesses, highlighting the need for a consolidated and accessible resource for all things related to Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley.

“We see how servers travelers and the community of Sayulita. We believe we can implement a similar project in the Aspen area to promote location business and enhance not only tourism but the experience of travelers.”

— Tricia, Founder of

AL stakholder exploration

The Solution

The solution to the challenges faced by Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley community was the development of This platform serves as a comprehensive, one-stop website, providing users with easy access to information about local businesses, vacation rentals, activities, and events. The cluttered and disjointed online experience was replaced by a user-centric and streamlined platform, simplifying the process of discovering and engaging with the diverse offerings of the region. For consumers, offers a hassle-free way to find businesses, services, and vacation rentals, as well as stay informed about local activities. On the business side, it provides an affordable and effective digital advertising solution, creating a centralized platform for connecting with the local community. acts as a bridge, addressing the gaps in the online landscape and fostering a more connected and vibrant Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley community.  


The Process

The journey began with a clear definition of clear goals, scope, and timelines, establishing the foundation in collaboration with stakeholders. Moving forward, I worked closely with the design team to ensure that mockups translated the client’s vision into reality. Throughout the design process, I organized critique sessions with the stakeholders to gather their insights and then with the designers to foster continuous improvement. Collaborative decision-making effectively addressed challenges and maintained the project’s momentum. Working hand-in-hand with developers, we thoroughly tested functionality. This iterative loop of refinement ensured that the final product provided an intuitive and simple user experience while aligning closely with the client’s vision.


Challenges —
During the course of the site development, an unexpected challenge arose — the stakeholders did not understand how to navigate the administrative end of the site. In response, I took on the task of creating a user manual, detailing every aspect of site management. I conducted regular Zoom sessions, providing practical, step-by-step tutorials to ensure the client’s proficiency in handling their responsibilities for the site to go live. This hands-on engagement not only enhanced the client’s understanding but also fortified their confidence in independently managing the platform.

Next Steps

As is now live, the client will take on a lot of responsibility during the next steps. It is their role now to create the content and client base to populate their site. Our next steps involve a heavy focus on client suppor.t Conducting regular user feedback sessions with the stakeholders will be integral to understanding real-world interactions and refining the user experience iteratively. Ensuring ongoing accessibility and inclusivity will be imporant. Ongoing performance optimization and exploration of expanded offerings will be key to adapting to evolving user needs and industry trends. This post-launch phase is not just about maintainance but also enhancing the platform’s effectiveness and relevance in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Learning Opportunities —
Being the first website development project I have been a part of, this project has been a tremendous learning experience. I learned to better lead virtual teaching sessions and the importance of providing very concise feedback for designers and developers. I have also gained the ability to manage and adapt to project delays and the ability to adapt to last-minute client changes by balancing stakeholder and creative team needs. This experience highlighted the crucial role of communication and collaboration in achieving project success.