Creative Direction Case Study

Smile Through the Hard Times

¨No Such Thing as a Bad Day¨

Product Overview

Midtown Dental Studio, in Plantation, Florida, stands out for delivering an exceptional dental experience marked by authentic patient relationships and leading-edge technology. The stakeholders of Midtown Dental Studio wanted to begin a marketing plan that aligned with their core values of providing not just exceptional dental care but a genuine and supportive environment.

Our mission — At the center of this project was a video series created to present a lighthearted and comedic exploration of the profound significance of a smile. Our goal as a team was to go beyond showcasing dental services and tell a story that demonstrated how smiles can provide a source of comfort during challenging times.


Team: Nathan French, Julian Gomez, Julio Zuluaga, Travis Wood, Ana Lopez, and Erik Dudziak

Role: Creative Director / Production Coordinator

Tools: Zoom, Kollaborate, Monday, G-Suite, Backstage, Voices


Two Commercial Videos

Social Media Content

Closely Monitored Ad Campaigns

The Process

This project centered around the creation of a two-part video series, each unfolding humorous scenarios where individuals faced unfortunate situations, finding humor and resilience through a smile. The unique approach aimed to not only entertain but emotionally resonate with the audience, highlighting the transformative power of a smile in challenging times. We planned to release the videos separately over time to cultivating brand recognition. The doctors favored this comical approach over other concepts we presented to them, as they felt it aligned with their personalities and embodied the brand image they sought to portray.

In my role as Creative Director and Project Manager at Attention Driven Marketing, I oversaw the end-to-end video production process. Collaborating closely with the senior account manager, we identified areas to maximize the impact of video content. The concept underwent iterative refinement during discussions with the writing team and virtual consultations with the client. In the pre-production phase, I was responsible for booking actors, wardrobe design, location selection, budgeting, and scheduling. Collaboration with the videographer was important in shaping a unified vision, covering shot planning and logistics. In post-production, I worked to finalize concept guides, providing clear instructions for the editors and curating scene selections. Our team worked together to ideate on client feedback until the video was ready to be handed off to the campaign managers.


Commercial Video Series:

Smile Through the Hard Times Part 1

Smile Through the Hard Times Part 2

Next Steps

The fact that Midtown Dental Studio was a new client was a paramount consideration in our next steps. It was imperative to ensure their complete understanding and involvement in the video production and ad creation process. The initial focus was on fostering open communication channels, providing detailed insights into the production timeline, and incorporating their input at every stage. Regular check-ins and virtual meetings were established to keep them informed and engaged, allowing for collaborative decision-making.


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