Creative Director Case Study

Museum of Dental Mishpas

A Dental Practice That's ¨Seen it All¨

Product Overview

Our team at Attention Driven Marketing collaborated with Smile Solutions Dentistry in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to craft a series of humorous and engaging commercial videos. Our goal was to showcase not only their commitment to providing state-of-the-art dentistry but also to bring to life the warm, welcoming, and delightful atmosphere they offer. These commercials aimed to portray Smile Solutions Dentistry as more than just a dental service.

Our objective was clear: tell a story that not only merged creativity and comedy but also resonated with Smile Solutions Dentistry’s values. The narrative focused on showcasing the practice’s commitment to embracing every patient’s unique journey. Through these comedic episodes, the aim was to convey that Smile Solutions Dentistry, with its experienced team, has seen it all and is ready to support each patient without judgment. We developed a video series in order to foster brand recognition and create a distinctive narrative that uniquely belonged to Smile Solutions Dentistry.

Team: Nathan French, Julian Gomez, Julio Zuluaga, Travis Wood, Ana Lopez, and Erik Dudziak

Role: Creative Director / Production Coordinator

Tools: Zoom, Kollaborate, Monday, G-Suite, Backstage, Voices


Commercial Video Series

Social Media Content

Closely Monitored Ad Campaigns

The Process

To create an engaging and cohesive video series for Smile Solutions Dentistry, our approach involved crafting a series of comical scenarios where individuals found themselves in amusing dental mishaps. The concept aimed to highlight the human side of dental care, showcasing that Smile Solutions has seen it all. Executing this series involved filming five videos, strategically released in staggered ad campaigns to enhance brand recognition. The overarching message was to convey that Smile Solutions Dentistry is a team that stands by its patients through thick and thin, providing dental care without judgment, all presented in a lighthearted and humorous manner.

In my dual role as Creative Director and Project Manager at Attention Driven Marketing, I led the end-to-end video production process. Collaborating closely with the senior account manager, we identified strategic areas where video content could maximize client benefits. Through iterative calls with the writing team and virtual meetings with the client, we refined concept guides and scenes that aligned with their goals.

During pre-production, I managed various key elements, including booking actors, designing wardrobes, selecting shooting locations, determining budgets, and setting the filming schedule. A collaborative meeting with the videographer ensured a cohesive vision, covering conceptualization, shot planning, and logistical arrangements.

In post-production, my role involved finalizing concept guides, providing editing instructions, and organizing scene selections. Working one-on-one with the editors, we held feedback sessions, ensuring the final product matched the client’s vision and making any necessary adjustments. The videos were then handed over to the campaign management team for advertising campaigns, completing the comprehensive journey from concept to execution.


Commercial Video Series:

Picnic Engagement Mishap

Pre-Wedding Mishap

TikTok Dance Mishap

Virtual Reality Mishap

E-Scooter Mishap

Next Steps

Following the handover of videos to the campaign managers and Senior Account Manager, the next steps within our team involve closely monitoring ad campaigns for engagement, gauging their effectiveness through relevant metrics, and making adjustments as needed. This continuous evaluation is essential for refining strategies and ensuring optimal performance.


Takeaway —

I find each shoot to be a learning opportunity. By analyzing the production process, we can determine ways to continuously enhance efficiency, foster team cohesion, and introduce new creative elements. This ongoing reflection allows for the implementation of improvements in subsequent projects, promoting growth, innovation, and a streamlined workflow.


smile solutions behind the scenes

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