Creative Direction Case Study

Too Confident

The Exaggerated Benefit of a Smile

Product Overview

For our project with Greater Long Island Dental, a practice committed to providing exceptional dental care, our team embarked on creating a commercial video that aimed to vividly tell the story of the transformative power of a beautiful smile. The narrative was built around a comedic and exaggerated portrayal, emphasizing how a radiant smile contributes to confidence, not only in appearance but also in the ability to connect to others. Through a lighthearted approach, the video aimed to resonate with audiences by showcasing the profound impact a smile can have on one’s self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. The overarching goal was to create a narrative that went beyond the dental care aspect, fostering a connection between GLID and its community by conveying the essence of shared experiences and the universal significance of a confident smile.


Our objective was clear: tell a story that not only merged creativity and comedy but also resonated with Smile Solutions Dentistry’s values. The narrative focused on showcasing the practice’s commitment to embracing every patient’s unique journey. Through these comedic episodes, the aim was to convey that Smile Solutions Dentistry, with its experienced team, has seen it all and is ready to support each patient without judgment. We developed a video series in order to foster brand recognition and create a distinctive narrative that uniquely belonged to Smile Solutions Dentistry.

Team: Nathan French, Julian Gomez, Julio Zuluaga, Travis Wood, Ana Lopez, and Erik Dudziak

Role: Creative Director / Production Coordinator

Tools: Zoom, Kollaborate, Monday, G-Suite, Backstage, Voices


Commercial Video

Social Media Content

Closely Monitored Ad Campaigns

The Process

Our team got together to develop a concept for a lighthearted commercial video highlighting the transformative power of a confident smile, the challenge was to portray the female character as genuinely good without appearing conceited. Our strategy involved adding humor and exaggeration to underscore the positive impact of a radiant smile, aligning with GLID’s commitment to exceptional patient experiences.

In pre-production, our team held collaborative meetings to brainstorm concepts and finalize all scene specifics of the video. I then moved forward with filming logistics such as actor bookings, wardrobe design, location selection, budgeting, and creating the filming schedule. Our creative team met with the videographer to forge a shared vision. Together, we delved into conceptualization, mapped out shot plans, and tackled logistical arrangements.

In post-production, my role extended to finalizing concept guides, providing instructions with scene selections for editors, and hiring and providing feedback for a voice actor. Working closely with the editors, feedback sessions ensured alignment with the client’s vision.

Next Steps

Transitioning from production to the next phase, the completed video moved to the campaign management team. Our has a longstanding relationship with the client and because of this, they have trust in our creative process. The post-production steps involve less of an informative discussion with the client about the process and more focus on collaborating closely with the campaign team to optimize strategies for impactful and successful campaigns that align with the client’s goals.

Takeaway —-

This project reinforced the significance of clear communication and collaborative feedback at every stage — from concept design to directing actors during filming and collaborating with post-production professionals like editors and voice actors. The iterative process highlighted the importance of refining ideas, ensuring alignment, and consistently improving to achieve creative excellence and client satisfaction.


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